Founded in 1999 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Black Salt Press™ is an award-winning publisher of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. We also publish titles in the fields of photography, history, and the arts. Black Salt Press believes in a true author/publisher collaboration. All Black Salt Press titles are printed in the USA using letterpress, offset, or digital, depending on the project. We also produce limited edition artist books.

A Secret History of the Ollie skateboarding book
Black Friday Sale

Our most popular title is on sale from Black Friday until Cyber Monday, Nov. 27 to 30, 2020. Pick up a signed copy of A Secret History of the Ollie for up to 30% off with FREE shipping included.

Hardcover, 9"x7"x2", 912 pages, over 1200 images and photographs. All copies of A Secret History of the Ollie from this website and eBay are signed by the author and come with an assortment of stickers and bookmarks.

List price: $60
Buy now for $42 plus free shipping
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